Current Projects

Genet Myzel

UPK Basel

Effects of Coffeine Augmentation in ECT

UK Bonn

Interrelations between trajectories of clinical impression, seizure quality, and stimulation dose across electroconvulsive therapy treatment

We aim to describe the course of an ECT treatment by analyzing between-person correlations of growth for seizure quality, clinical outcome, and treatment variables over the course of an index treatment of max. 12 ECT-sessions. The treatment variable charge applied (in mC), three quality parameters (EEG-Length, postictal suppression index [PSI], and maximum sustained coherence [MSC]) and Clinical Global Impression (CGI) measuring the treatment outcome were collected each session of the ind ex course. We focus on the linear changes over time, that is, the individually varying slopes of the aforementioned parameters and their slope and intercept correlations.


Effects of ECT treatment parameters on autobiographic memory